Rage Comic Maker

 It is the most downloaded Rage Maker! Thanks for all users! ;)

What is Rage Comic Maker?

Rage Comic Maker for Android is an application that lets you easily create rage comics on any Android device.

What are Rage Comics?

Rage Comics are series of comics with rage faces, that are created with simple drawing software. The comics tell stories about real life experiences, and end with a funny punchline.

Here is a classic rage comics (Butter Rage) about troll butter:

I want to make a Rage Comic!

With the Rage Comic Maker app You can create customized rage comics! Try Rage Comic Maker! The application is free! It is downloadable from the Google Play store. Give it a try!

Key features

  • Flexible number of panels (1-20)
  • Pan and zoom the comic canvas, as well as image elements
  • Undo and redo your moves
  • Different text styles and sizes
  • Save and share your creations
  • Use drafts to save comics in progress
  • Draw straight lines or free curves with different brush sizes and colors

I made my own Rage Comic. Now what?

Save it! Share it! Let the world know! You can save the Rage Comic on Your phone. Share the comic with Your friends - on Facebook, Your blog, etc. - depending on the type of accounts that You've added. You can also email Your comic by attaching it to an email.



Start making Your own Rage Comics with Rage Comic Maker!

Need help?

How To Make a Rage Comic